Strategy... luck... or maybe both? In Versus you must make quick decisions and outsmart your opponent. The first to make four laps around the board wins.


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In the game, you play against your opponent. Place only 1 figurine on a starting field (there are 2 starting fields for each player) Placing a figurine left or right determines the direction of figurine movement. Left goes left, right goes right.


Below is a description of game phases and ways to win the game


How each turn is played is determined on if you have a figurine on the board or not.

If you have a figurine

You roll the dice just once. Then choose between two actions: You can move a figurine by the number you got.

Each figurine can only move in a predetermined direction. If the field is occupied then you can “eat” your opponent’s figurine.

Or only if you get a 6… you can choose either to move or to put down another figurine in your starting field.

If you don't have a figurine

You can roll up to three times hoping to get a 6. If you get a 6, place down on any available starting fields.

If you don’t roll a 6, you must skip the turn.

Skip turn

If you have no available fields to place a figurine and no figurines to move… you must skip the turn by pressing the special button.

How to win?

The goal of the game is to move your figurines around the board four times in total.


The lap is counted after a figurine made it’s way around the board and reaching one of the two starting positions. After each lap you make, you must remove the figurine which crossed the lap.

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