A game of showing off your knowledge in a topic of choice while using powerups and capturing territory on the board.


In the game setup you can choose between hundreds of topics. For example...


Pop Culture


Many others...


We detailed how to play Mundus Trivia below.

Movement phase

Each player starts in their corner. Players take turns trying to capture their opponent's fields and earn points by answering to questions.
Tip: Try to move to fields that are not your color.

Each player starts in their corner.

Throw dice.

Move figurine in any direction.

Question phase

After moving, you will be presented with a question.

All players answer at the same time.

Answer using buttons in your corner.

Correct answers capture the field.

Incorrect answers end your turn.

How to win?

The first player to gather eight  victory points wins. You gather points by doing these actions:

Answering to questions

Securing a streak

Breaking field streaks

(by capturing a field)

A field streak is any row of consecutive more than four fields. Each player that has a field streak temporarily holds two extra victory points.

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